Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I heard it from CBS

What does credibility mean to you? Well, google defines credibility as the quality of being trusted and believed in. There are several interpretations to this word, but I'd like to focus on the importance of credibility in the news, pertaining to journalists, news casters, and especially talk show hosts.

The past several weeks, there has been a lot of talk about the news reporter/television host Bill O'Reilly, and that over the course of many years, he had been building up a story that has recently been proven false. He had made up accounts of being at a war zone in the Falklands, and that he had also heroically saved his camera man while escaping.
Starting on 1:56 and ending at 2:44, that section from the video above explains and shows Bill O'Reilly telling his fallacies on live television. The women who speaks at the end of the clip brings up the most important point: we rely on certain talk shows and news stations to obtain our information, but now its obvious and relevant that we shouldn't believe everything we are told. We must become more critical of the information we obtain, and importantly, where it is coming from.

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